James Blue Archive

In order to preserve and share James Blue’s complete body of work, in April 2015 the James Blue Alliance officially bequest his life’s achievements to the University of Oregon Library Special Collections and University Archives.

The archive includes screenplays, storyboards, notes and research, correspondence, teaching materials, photographs, home movies, documentary and feature films in various formats, as well as audio interviews with many of the world’s leading film directors. Considered a “national treasure of international significance” by James Fox, the University of Oregon’s head of special collections and archives, the archive is available to scholars, educators, students, filmmakers and the general public.

The Alliance and the University of Oregon are working in collaboration to process, inventory, manage and preserve the James Blue Archive. The foundation joins the UO Library and Cinema Pacific program in a mission to promote use of this media legacy, as well as training and education in line with James Blue’s unique approach to media. The Alliance and the University of Oregon will cooperate on raising funds to support the organization, preservation and utilization of the Archives.

Learn more about the James Blue Project at the University of Oregon.

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