About Richard Blue

Richard Blue grew up in Portland, Oregon and attended Ockley Green grade school and Jefferson High School. Like his older brother James Blue, Richard has spent much of his life in working outside the USA.

During his career, Richard was a frequent consultant to his brother on various projects, including “A Few Notes on Our Food Problem”, the American Revolution film proposal, and development of the “Mid-West Film” (not made, yet). Both James and Richard shared an interest in other cultures and in issues of social, economic and political empowerment. Richard also taught and authored teaching material on the use of film in political science courses at the University of Minnesota.

Richard Blue attended the University of Oregon. After military service, he earned his BS from Portland State University. He completed his PhD in Government and International Relations at Claremont Graduate University. He taught at the University Of Minnesota where he also conducted field research in India, then was invited to become director of an in-service educational program for USAID employees in Washington DC. He went on to serve in various assignments including head of the USAID Office of Evaluation, Director of the Office Egypt Affairs, and later joined the US Foreign Service serving in India. He also worked with Congress in revising foreign assistance legislation. Retiring as a Senior Foreign Service Minister Counselor, he joined The Asia Foundation serving in Bangkok as Representative of the Foundation for Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam from 1990 to 1996. He became an independent evaluator conducting evaluations of USG programs from the Baltics, to the Balkans, Russia, the Central Asian Republics, Southeast Asia and West Africa. In 1999 he joined Social Impact, Inc. as Vice President, retiring again in 2012 as Vice President Emeritus. He remains an active consultant to Social Impact, Inc.

With his son, Daniel Blue and daughter, Michelle Blue, Richard created the James Blue Alliance in December 2013. His wife, Susan Holloran, is the Foundation’s Strategic Development Advisor. He and Susan live on the Blue Ridge above the village of Bluemont, Virginia outside Washington, D.C. and in Portland, Oregon.